The History of the Skip Bin Hire and Tips for Filling Your Skip Bin Safely

The History of Skip Bins

Everybody is familiar with the skip bin—a waste removal container that’s loaded onto a special truck—but there are probably very few people who know about the history of the skip bin, including its origin and where it got its name from.

The idea of having detachable and loadable waste containers that could be transported by a truck was invented in the UK in the 1920s to deal with the growing problem of urban waste and waste removal. The US refined the concept by adding a hydraulic arm to the truck, reducing the amount of manpower needed to move waste on mining sites. It’s likely that the design we currently associate with the skip bin originated in Germany in the 1960s and was rapidly adopted worldwide to efficiently load and transport household and industrial waste.  

Filling Your Skip Bin Safely

Many people consider rubbish bin hire during household renovations, where the amount of waste generated is too much for a normal rubbish bin to handle. While it’s tempting to treat a skip bin like a normal rubbish bin, there are a few additional safety issues to consider in order to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Filling Bins With Hazardous Waste

If you don’t throw it in your normal rubbish bin, don’t throw it in your hired skip bin. This is especially true of various chemicals, such as petrol and corrosive liquids, which are harmful to the environment and can be hazardous to your health. If you’re generating hazardous chemical waste that you want to dispose of, get in touch with your Perth skip bin hire company who will refer you to the hazardous waste removal professionals.

There is one hazardous chemical that can be disposed of in a skip bin: asbestos. However, there are many restrictions and laws that need to be followed, such as hiring a dedicated asbestos skip and ensuring the transport and disposal is handled correctly. Talk to your Perth skip bin hire company regarding the requirements of disposing of asbestos if you’re expecting to generate asbestos waste.

Load the Skip Bin Evenly

Always remember that the skip bin you hire is going to get picked up by a truck when it’s time to remove it. If you’ve loaded your skip unevenly, it makes the picking up and removal process more difficult and dangerous for the driver. If the load is completely uneven, it may even result in the truck tipping over. Always ensure that the waste load is distributed evenly throughout the skip.

Always try to keep the heaviest items at the bottom, to prevent the skip from becoming top-heavy, which can also create a dangerous situation for the pick-up driver.

Don’t Overfill an Open-Top Skip

It may happen that you generate more waste than you were expecting and find that your rubbish is piling up in the skip. An overfull skip is a hazard, particularly when it’s being transported. When trying to hire a skip bin, most companies in Perth won’t accept an overfilled bin due to the risk of incurring fines. Overfilling also leads to waste falling out during transportation and injuring someone.

You may also be tempted to compact your waste so that your skip doesn’t look overfull. Many people use the time-honoured technique of jumping up and down on the waste to compress it. Not only is this ineffective, but chances are also you’ll injure yourself on whatever waste you’ve packed into the skip.

Instead, consider an additional mini-skip bin hire to take up the additional waste. Not only will you be safer, but you’ll also have even more space for additional waste that may unexpectedly crop up.

Do I Have Enough Space for a Skip Bin?

Skip bins come in many sizes. Choosing a size usually depends on how much waste you’re expecting to dispose of, but you should also consider if you have the space on your property to accommodate the skip. In Australia, it’s illegal to have a skip blocking pedestrian flow of traffic, so you have to ensure you have space on your property.

Most skips list their size in cubic metres, so you should be able to estimate the size of the skip by creating a cardboard cut-out of approximately the same size. This will help you determine if you have the space for the skip, or if you have to resort to a smaller size and multiple skip bin hires. For more information check out our frequently asked skip bin questions.

The Right Way to Fill Your Skip Bin

Packing a skip bin is an art. Unevenly loaded or top-heavy skips are a hazard to the driver, so here a few helpful tips that will help you get the most out of your skip bin hire.

Instead of dumping all your waste haphazardly into the skip as soon as you generate it, take the time to go through your waste and organise it. Firstly, this will help you avoid throwing in any hazardous waste in by accident. Secondly, it will help you ensure that you pack your skip as efficiently as possible.

When starting to fill a skip, look for flat items that can go in at the bottom. Anything that lies flat will provide extra support for heavy items that are loaded on next. Load your bulky and heavy items next, and avoid air pockets and wasted space by breaking down awkward items into their component parts. Loose items, like soil from a building site, can then be added, ensuring that it flows into the gaps left by the bulky items.

Finally, any lightweight items can be placed on top, all while making sure that they don’t reach above the rim. Again, try and make sure that you’re making use of all the available space and minimising any gaps or air pockets. If possible, pack items, like boxes, into each other before placing them in the skip.

When considering a skip bin hire in Perth, follow these tips to ensure that you get the best value for your money and have a hassle-free skip hire experience.

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