Rubbish Removal Tips for Construction Companies

Imagine a situation where garbage had value. It would greatly reduce the level of rubbish produced and significantly decrease our carbon footprint. Waste is a resource and environmental issue. It is a topic that is going to significantly influence the future of Australia, a nation heading towards a population of 40 million by 2050.

In 2014 and 2015, Australia produced an estimated 64 million tonnes of waste. Most of it came from commercial and industrial sources and construction and demolition. If our nation’s population grows as projected, we will produce 100 million tonnes by 2050. The construction industry has a duty to dispose of its waste in a responsible manner. For this reason, savvy companies use Advance Waste Disposal for commercial rubbish removal and skip bin hire services.

In the construction industry, a significant amount of ‘waste’ is actually recyclable. From the masonry that can be reused in future projects, to the timber that can be transformed into compost, the so-called ‘garbage’ produced by construction companies could be a treasure trove. Here are five methods that a construction firm can use to remove rubbish properly.

Hire a Commercial Rubbish Removal Service

Perth construction companies can avail of the services of Advance Waste Disposal. We offer skip bin hire, waste disposal, rubbish removal, and recycling services on a commercial and industrial scale. As you know, failure to clean up and dispose of waste responsibly will lead to heavy fines.

There could be restrictions on what you can do with the waste after removal. The waste could also be extremely heavy & cumbersome. It can also take up too much space. Rather than trying to do it yourself, hire a reputable commercial rubbish removal service to do all the hard work for you. We can help you dispose of wood, concrete, PVC and toxic materials safely and legally.

Locate a Recycling Centre

Perth construction companies often find that locating a recycling centre nearby is a royal pain. Spending hours finding a suitable service and dumping your rubbish can waste a lot of money, time and effort. We recommend making regular small trips to reduce the task and overall impact.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with Advance Waste Disposal. We provide recycling services for all manner of construction materials including hard plastics, scrap metals, timber, sand, brick & concrete rubble and paper & cardboard. For example, we chip timber so it can be used as garden mulch and crush concrete & brick rubble, so it is used as road base.

What Does Australia’s Rubbish Disposal Future Look Like?

At Advance Waste Disposal, we are excited at the huge potential for transforming waste into reusable items. Australia must look to other nations who set a good example. In Sweden, it has been a decade since it became effectively illegal to send rubbish to a landfill. Today, Sweden claims to reuse or recycle all but 2% of its waste!

Approximately half of Sweden’s waste is turned back into materials such as aluminium and plastics for reuse, while the rest is fed to detailed incineration systems which burn waste for energy. You read that correctly: Waste in Sweden is used to generate electricity and power homes!

A 2016 Swedish Waste Management Report showed that Sweden recovered three megawatt hours of energy for every tonne of waste that was burned. For reference, that’s enough to provide 900 Australian homes with power for 60 minutes. Ideally, we will follow the lead of the innovative Northern European nation and all but eliminate landfill waste.

At the University of New South Wales (UNSW), researchers have developed miniature recycling factories which can produce 3D-printer items from plastics, along with metal alloys from electronic waste. We could one day get to the stage where we can reprocess waste on the spot, or take it home so it can be used in your 3D-printer.

Until that day, Perth construction companies will need commercial rubbish removal services. At Advance Waste Disposal, we provide you with all the waste removal and recycling services you need. For instance, hiring a builder’s skip bin is an easy and efficient method of managing waste. We genuinely care about the environment and ensure all waste is disposed of per Western Australian environmental regulations. Get in touch with us now to find out more.