How Skip Bins Benefit Your Business

Skip bins are commonly referred to as dumpsters in the United States. A skip bin is an open container made from metal. These containers have a design that makes bulk waste collection easier, which is more efficient than other waste collection solutions.

They come in different sizes and can accommodate almost every type of waste making them highly beneficial for a variety of business types. How can skip bins benefit your business? Read on to find out.

Retail and Hospitality

As a retail or hospitality business, you may have a considerable waste output that consists of plastics, recyclables, and food waste. If you don’t have an optimal and highly functioning waste disposal system, the local government may slam you with fines, or you may find yourself under scrutiny by health authorities.

Poor waste management can also put you out of favour with the local community and, more importantly, potential clients. By replacing your entire waste disposal system with skip bins, you will notice immediate changes in the pile-up of waste and significant improvements concerning hygiene and appearance.

Building and Construction

As a construction company, waste disposal is an ongoing priority. Since your business produces waste every single day, you have to find a waste disposal solution that is not only effective, but that is affordable over the long haul.

If you don’t have a skip bin, chances are your drivers are removing waste at the end of every day, which can result in a lot of fuel and labour costs. It can also extend your project’s completion time.

Instead, hire skip bins and place them at optimal dumping points around the construction site. With conveniently situated disposal bins, your workers will be able to discard waste as they work so that the construction site will be clean and waste-free as well.


An office may not have the same waste output as large retail companies or industrial construction entities, but if you conduct your business in a commercial building, you can also benefit from a skip bin.

Skip bins come in different sizes, so you won’t have to deal with a jumbo-sized container with a capacity of thirty cubic metres. Instead, opt for a mini skip that has the size of two or three cubic metres. Smaller skip bins can be equally useful for commercial rubbish removal.

Another benefit of skip bins as an alternative to conventional waste management is that it reduces your monthly waste management costs. It also reduces your carbon footprint.


Warehouses typically have a fixed waste output as the inflow and outflow of products remain more or less the same. As a warehouse manager or owner, you may always be exploring new ways to reduce overhead and variable costs.

With skip bins, you can lower your waste management costs significantly by spreading removal over more units, thereby reducing your input cost per unit. Since there are many different sizes of skip bins available, you have ample control over the interval between removals.

As you can see, no matter your industry, skip bins are a great investment.